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We Grow Revenue & Earnings
For Companies Even in Non-Growing Industries 
thru Better Marketing, Strategy, Customer Understanding

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Our Clients

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What We've Done

What We've Done

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What We Do

Commercial advisory (marketing and sales)

We start by understanding how your business makes money: by selling what to whom.

Then we advise how to grow it, regardless of the industry's underlying growth rate. When those growth plans involve marketing, advertising, and lead generation, we help our clients implement our advice. In other words, we think and do.  

We utilize specialists and no brick-and-mortar offices, so that you get all of the best, current thinking from our work with large clients, at a price even small- and medium-size B2B businesses can afford



"We don’t know why our business isn’t growing."

  • Consulting

  • Research (Quantitative & Qualitative)

  • Marketing Audits

  • Diagnostics, Analytics

"We need more customers."

  • Lead Generation

  • Content Marketing

  • Marketing & Sales Automation Tools

"Not enough people know about us."


  • Digital Ads: Google Search, SEM

  • Traditional Ads: TV, Radio, Direct Mail, Signage, Brochures

"We need to stay in better touch with our customers."

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

"Our marketing needs a facelift."

  • Web Sites

  • Graphics / Logos

What We Do
Who We Are

Who We Are


A marketing, advertising and sales executive who's unlocked business growth even in non-growing industries -- including retail, consumer electronics, package goods, and agencies -- and from every side of the table: brand marketing, agency, and consulting.

Simplifier and grower of some of the world's best-known brands as an executive with Best Buy, Olympus, KitchenAid / Whirlpool, Campbell Soup / V8, and BBDO advertising. He utilizes the full 360 degrees of his experience to grow businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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Michael’s passions outside of work are music and sports. He plays guitar in an alt-rock cover band, The Queen's English, and is a hockey fanatic trapped in a basketball player’s body.

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